It began as a dream. We envisioned a place where families could sit back and relax after a long day's work. A place where you could talk, crack a few peanuts and soak up some old-time atmosphere. A place that reflected the warmth and friendliness of downtown beautiful Alachua, Florida. That dream became Conestogas Restaurant.

Now, since September 1988, Conestogas has become an area tradition. We take pride in giving customers exactly what they want. Delicious hand-cut steaks grilled to perfection, fresh seafood, mouth-watering desserts, plus courteous service and a friendly smile - it's what you can expect at Conestogas.

Reservations are never required, so y'all come on in, relax a spell, enjoy some true Southern Hospitality...and help yourself to the peanuts!

Rick, Donna, Alex, Dixie, Melissa, Bevin and the Crew of Conestogas

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